Saturday, 28 March 2009

Sew, a needle pulling thread...

So, I can sew... I haven't sewn anything (except the little bird I made about a month ago to make sure the sewing machine worked) since intermediate school I think, and then I got given my Grandma's super cool sewing machine. I've found a new love, and to make sure I knew how to use it, I made this bag (pictured), from this tutorial by tiny happy, and altered the size a bit. I love the fabric, I think it's curtain fabric, and it even has an inside pocket and magnetic snap to keep my things safe.
Turned out pretty well I think!!!

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Some of my Flickr favourites

I have missed Flickr... I haven't been on it much at all lately, because I find once I get on it, I don't stop, and many hours go by that I should really be doing something else. It's a great inspiration tool, and here are some of my favourites...
6) Lily

A new 'range'...

Hey all, just to let you know I've got some new style pendants available at my shop. They're larger, wooden and completely handmade by me; cut, sanded, sanded, painted, painted, painted, varnished, varnished, glued and coated! They took a while to make, but that's already paid off, because the one photographed is sold (thanks 'haitken')! This one was one of my favs, so I'm glad I have the same idea as the people who look at my shop. Available in a variety of designs, and square or rectangular. Ciao!

Monday, 2 March 2009

Sweet advertising and Crafty Business

Hi! About time for an update. First of all, I got home today to see that the March issue of World Sweet World is out today! It's a really gorgeous wee mag, with heaps of fun things to make, and lots of inspiration for crafty folk like myself. Lucy from Felt also placed a sweet advert in the front two pages, which I got a spot in (see photos above).

Tonight was the second meeting of Crafty Business, a networking meetup set up by a very clever bunch of ladies. It was great - great content about building a Crafty Business and awesome to meet some more new and very interesting people. We had a 'show and tell' of our crafting wares, and everyone had something unique and superbly handmade. It's neat to put a face to many of the sellers on Felt, after having dribbled over their beautiful items for so long! I'm looking forward to next month's already!

A while back I went to a shop that I thought had a limited supply of paper, only to find they had TONNES. (Thanks Nat for giving me the voucher that made me go there!). I spent far too much money, but got some wonderful paper, which I've been working on a new 'range' with, not too different from my popular Scrabble tile pendants, so hopefully they'll be up on Felt within the next week or two.
That's all for now, nighty night!