Saturday, 29 August 2009

New stockist - Toi Toi

Hi all.

Just letting you know that Toi Toi is now stocking some of my necklaces and brooches. They're in the Triangle Centre, on High Street (the mall part), in the city of Christchurch. Pop down and check them out. They have so many lovely gift ideas, like the butterfly I treated myself to. It's made from an old dainty saucer, so so so sweet!

All going to plan, I'll be back tomorrow (here, not Toi Toi that is!). (It didn't all go to plan, but hopefully I'll get a chance to update before Thursday... we're off work for a long weekend and having a wee trip away, hooray!).

So glad it's the weekend! Enjoy, Em xox


  1. Thanks! I saw on your blog about the magazine coverage, so WELL DONE YOU, too!!! He he.


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