Sunday, 4 October 2009

Heard of Moo?

Excited? Yes I was... when my Moo Minicards arrived in the mail on Saturday! I hope you've heard of Moo, but just in case... they are a printing company based in the UK and US (the UK store ships worldwide). Minicards are so cool - you can choose up to 100 images for a 100 pack, for the front of the cards, and customise the back with text (the white card is the back of my ones). They're only wee - 28mm x 70mm, so perfect for giving out to people or popping into orders.

If you're a new customer try entering this code 2RB2CK at the checkout for 15% off.

Off to see (500) Days Of Summer tonight, yay!


  1. (m)Ooh - yours look great! I'd seen them advertise on flickr and wanted to try them - and now I absolutely will - so thank you for the review and the discount code. They'll be great to hand out at my exhibition later in the year :-)

  2. They look fabulous! I saw these guys ages ago in passing (on a blog somewhere I think) but had completely forgotten about them.

    Hmm... A 15% discount is also very inviting ;)

  3. They're really easy to make if you already have the images in your Flickr account! I have no idea how long that discount code will work for... but you can also find them by Googling 'moo discount code' or something similar - I found a 20% off one. :)


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