Friday, 4 June 2010

Making gifts

Here's a photo of a couple of gifts I've made over the last month - they were both pretty cheap and very fun to make.

On the left - a painting I did for my best friend, Nat. I asked her what some of her favourite songs were, and took the lyrics from one of them and turned them into art.

On the right - the birthday card I made my Dad (a keen fly-fisherman). Made with a pattern from here. Their pop-up cards are great fun to make and put together - just make sure you have a few hours spare if you want to do a complicated one without video instructions!


  1. Love the painting!
    I love making our saves so much money & everyone gets something unique.
    We made alsorts this year...saltdough names, princess crown, tea cup pin cushions :)

  2. Hi Christine. Thanks for the comment!
    I agree - making gifts is so much more fun and much better for the wallet. Sounds like your friends/family are lucky to receive gifts from you! :)

  3. Hi Emma, thanks heaps for your comments over my way! It was fab to meet you at Craft 2.0 and I really loved seeing your lovely work in person! It was so busy wasnt it?! I hope you enjoyed it. I totally LOVE my wee badge! :)


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