Thursday, 29 July 2010

Repeat-x Repeat-y

I hope you've all seen this awesome site... Repeat-x Repeat-y is "a collection of (seriously) kick-ass patterns from a plethora of designers/illustrators/artists". All the designs are seamless so you can use them to decorate your desktop, Twitter background or wallpaper your room (ok, maybe not). Just click on any of the patterns to see how it looks when tiled.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

The sweetest parcel

How lucky am I??!? The other day I received a super sweet thank you parcel in the mail from Clazena of Tumbleweed Press. We shared a table at A Craft Affair and she really needn't have thanked me for anything - she was the best neighbour ever!

I've always had a soft spot for letterpress stationery, and her designs are so cool, and made here in Christchurch. Check out her shop here, and she has FREE SHIPPING until the end of July!

Thanks Clazena!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The Envelope Project

I sent in my envelope for The Envelope Project today. Have you heard of this? I was a bit slow on the up-take. Pip from Meet Me At Mike's is organising it. People are sending in a decorated envelope with a few crafty goodies in it, and then someone will win THE WHOLE LOT! I was number 312, so that's a lot of fun things to win for some lucky devil. If you want to participate, your envelope must reach Pip by 30th July. Photos of the envelopes here.

I threw mine togther very quickly, and included some old children's books pages, Japanese paper, wallpaper scraps, old housie cards, a bit of Japanese fabric and other wee bits and bobs. The envelope is made from the front page of a newspaper from 1912.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

A wonderful affair

Thanks to everyone who came along to A Craft Affair on Sunday. It was a huge success (as all of Lucy's markets are!), and all the sellers and customers seemed to really enjoy it. I was lucky enough to have my Mum staying with me, so I actually had a chance to have a look around and meet some new crafters. Thanks Mum for looking after my stall, and thanks to Lucy and her helpers for making it a fun day.

I won't bore you with another photo of my stall (it looks the same as last time), but the above is a photo of the gorgeous necklace I bought from Jo at Random Little Things (my one purchase as I'm saving for a quick trip away next month), and on the right a couple of lovely dioramas from my fair neighbour - Ana Aceves. I really wanted to treat myself to the top one, but it was sold before the fair had even opened! Her whole stall was so sweet, I wish I'd taken a photo of it.

Many other bloggers have summed up the days events well. Check them out!
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and Li'l Magoolie has a few different posts from a non-seller perspective

Next market: I'm back at Craft2.0 in Wellington, October 30th.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Feeling thankful

Love this: Leah Dieterich's mother always told her to write thank you notes. So she does. To everything. thxthxthx is her daily exercise in gratitude. Website here.

I'm not sure why, but lately I've been feeling very thankful. Nothing in particular has happened to make me feel that way, but I've just been feeling lucky to have such good friends, new relationships, good health and a happy and generally stable life. Of course there are parts of my life I would really like to change, but overall, things are good. I've been trying pretty hard not to stress about things, to appreciate the small things that make my days happier, and to concentrate my energy on those things rather than the less enjoyable parts (meaning my fulltime job really), and it seems to be working for me.

This could have been brought on by this post I read yesterday, which made me re-realise that life is short. I don't know Lou or her family, but it brought tears to my eyes.

What are you thankful for?

Em x

Monday, 5 July 2010

Meet the maker - ME!

My profile is up over on the A Craft Affair website. Pop on over and have a read, and while you're there check out all the other makers profiles - such an awesome variety of clever New Zealand crafters.
The market is this Sunday, so don't forget, see you there!