Saturday, 17 July 2010

A wonderful affair

Thanks to everyone who came along to A Craft Affair on Sunday. It was a huge success (as all of Lucy's markets are!), and all the sellers and customers seemed to really enjoy it. I was lucky enough to have my Mum staying with me, so I actually had a chance to have a look around and meet some new crafters. Thanks Mum for looking after my stall, and thanks to Lucy and her helpers for making it a fun day.

I won't bore you with another photo of my stall (it looks the same as last time), but the above is a photo of the gorgeous necklace I bought from Jo at Random Little Things (my one purchase as I'm saving for a quick trip away next month), and on the right a couple of lovely dioramas from my fair neighbour - Ana Aceves. I really wanted to treat myself to the top one, but it was sold before the fair had even opened! Her whole stall was so sweet, I wish I'd taken a photo of it.

Many other bloggers have summed up the days events well. Check them out!
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and Li'l Magoolie has a few different posts from a non-seller perspective

Next market: I'm back at Craft2.0 in Wellington, October 30th.


  1. Thanks for the post & links. Had a nosey at all of them. So much crafty talent. Glad it went well!

  2. So very glad that you liked your necklace... there are more pictures here:

    happy crafting....xx

  3. Hi Emma, It was nice to meet you at the market. Thank you for mentioning my work, I'm really happy that you liked it. I might see you again at the next craft affair market! Take care, Ana x

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