Thursday, 23 September 2010

Quick 4 - Flickr Favs + Today's Emotions

Sweet Flickr images found using four words I'm really feeling today:

Creative Calm photographer's agitated mind
Motivated 113/365 :: living among fairies
Happy Bee Happy And Enjoy Your Weekend!
In love with life Labor of love.

It's nice to feel completely positive for a change. I have new products using beautiful vintage kimono fabric, which I'm just putting the final touches on, so hopefully I can show you them soon! I hope your week is going well too.

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  1. these are gorgeous Emma and lovely to have such positive feelings going on! Hope all is going ok for you down in Christchurch, glad to hear that you and your flat are all safe and sound! the Feltaid shop is awesome isn't it, I have donated a couple of art prints too. take care! :)


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