Friday, 15 October 2010

Oooh, look up there!

Just a quick Friday post (yay, it's Friday!)...

Look up there, in your web browser, on the tab you're reading, what's that you say? It's an awesome new favicon that Angela of Striking Keys made me! Sweet eh!? I tried making one when I first started this blog, and then it stopped working and I couldn't figure it out again, but I won her Friday Favicon Freebie and with the super simple instructions she sent, it was so easy!
{EDIT: Hmmmm, now it doesn't seem to be working.... is it for you?}
{EDIT: Ok, it's working again! Ha ha}

Also, my profile was up on the Craft2.0 blog yesterday. It's only two weeks away! I'm really looking forward to it, especially meeting more crafters from around our beautiful country.

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