Monday, 1 November 2010

Crafty times

Hello! Craft2.0 is all over once again, and it was another fun, successful fair for Freedom Creative. Like last time, Mel, Lucy and I arrived with about 15 minutes to set up before the Friends Of Craft2.0 were allowed in to shop, so it was a rushed morning. It seemed a little quieter and less manic than last time, which was quite nice. The crowd was lovely though and my new products went down well.

Thanks to Rose for manning my stall a few times during the day so I could get out and meet some other crafters and buy some awesome crafty treats. Half of them are Christmas pressies, so I can't show you them, but they were from Dear Colleen and my neighbour Rose In Thorns. The photos are of things I can show you! The giant toast (a gift for the boyfriend, photographed on the plane home with Mel's giant toast - they're best friends of course) from Bad Animals, a Minu print and a super cool ceramic milk bottle from PS Ceramics.

As always, thanks to all the organisers and helpers on the day. A special thanks to Sue for giving me a bigger stall than I'd booked, allowing me to spread out. I may never go back to a half stall again...

I should be relaxed now but my to-do list is still long, even thought I don't really have any huge plans for too many more markets before Christmas. Sigh.

Crafty Business is on tonight (very soon), so that should be fun. Have a nice week!

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  1. It sounds like such a great day - and I LOVE those photo's of your goodies, the toast is fabulous and looks great flying! What a creative idea x


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