Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Sweet treats

Oh, lucky me (once again), look at what I won the other day! These sweet items arrived in the mail for me today from Joanna, aka Little Minx in Dunedin. I tried taking my own photo, but it didn't do the items justice, so I nicked one from her blog. You should see how cute her random number generator is, that picked me out! One of my family members who sews a lot more than I do will be happy to receive the needle book for Christmas, but the pencil case and brooch are mine, all mine!

If you want to nab something for yourself, check out the Little Minx Felt shop.

Thanks Joanne! x

Oh, and for those of you who wonder how I win so many giveaways.... it's because I enter lots while I'm bored at work. :P


Thanks for your comments, they make my day!
Em x