Friday, 7 January 2011

30 Before 30

I've been tossing up in my mind whether or not I should do this for quite a while.... and with just under two years until I turn thirty, I guess it's now or never... Some are small, easily achievable things, others aren't so straight forward, but I've tried to make them all feasible. 

30 things, 717 days, so that's one every 24 days or so, sounds achievable right?

In no particular order, before I turn 30 I will:
  1. Take, or have flights booked for an overseas trip. Blogged here
  2. Make meringues. Blogged here
  3. Swim with dolphins. Blogged here
  4. Read Craft Inc. Blogged here
  5. Pay off and cut up my credit card. Blogged here
  6. Take a silver jewellery class or course.
  7. Only eat raw food for a week.
  8. Watch Labyrinth. Blogged here
  9. Watch the sunrise. Blogged here
  10. Go to Sepia Restaurant for dinner with my man. Blogged here
  11. Stop biting my nails for good.
  12. Go skinny dipping.
  13. Help a less fortunate community. Blogged here
  14. Write letters to five different people.
  15. Walk the Godley Head track.
  16. Try Pimms.
  17. Watch Schindler's List. Blogged here
  18. Make 500 sales on Felt. Blogged here
  19. Go to a movie by myself.
  20. Relax in Hanmer Springs for a day or two.
  21. Ignore Facebook for a week. Blogged here
  22. Go to Cirque de Soleil.
  23. Order a steak medium-rare.
  24. Blog every day for ten days. Blogged here
  25. Go to Quail Island. Blogged here
  26. Drink a whole coffee so I can say I've given it a chance.
    Blogged here
  27. Try pear cider. Blogged here
  28. Go to Orana Park.
  29. Give blood. Blogged here
  30. Document each of these tasks on my blog.
Check back for my progress.

I have had to edit the list a tad since February 22nd's quake, as number 20 used to be to Climb the ChristChurch Cathedral Tower. After the events of the past year, I wanted to swap it to something relaxing and fun, and Hanmer Springs is the perfect destination for a stress-free break.

Goals are dreams with deadlines Diana Scharf Hunt


  1. Great list, I love the combination of levels of extremeness. I think you can do this in 717 days with a bit of planning and hope you do, that would feel awesome.
    Start by watching Labyrinth, I love the movie but it is so freaky!
    Good luck!

  2. The Christchurch Cathedral tower is awesome - great views! This seems like an awesome list! Will start mine on my 27th bday I think.

  3. I think the hardest one will be to stop biting your nails hehe


  4. Easy peasy, you'll knock that list off in no time :-)

  5. Thanks for the comments and encouragement guys!

    Chiv - you know me too well, ha ha!

  6. what a great mix of things, good luck with them!
    : )

  7. Love it - you can do this fine! (the credit card one makes me gulp though) Good luck, look forward to following the results x

  8. I love your list!! Good luck with it.

    You can see mine here:


  9. Nice list Emma - go you!
    If you were in Dunedin, I'd say let's have that Pimms together x


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