Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Crafty Christmas/Birthday Goodies

How lucky am I to have received all these goodies as either Christmas or birthday gifts!? Ok, some of them I treated myself to... but that still counts, he he.

1. Glory Necklace, beautiful, but sadly from the In My Neck of The Woods closing down sale.
2. Lovely ceramic fantail made in Nelson.
3. 2011 Frankie Diary, so pretty I don't want to write in it...
4. Craft Inc., by Meg Mateo Ilasco.
5. 'If you gotta problem, yo I'll solve it' and 'Imagination Machine' pencils by Emma Makes.
6. Frankie issue 39.
7. Spaces by Frankie (can you tell I love Frankie, ha ha!)
8. The Art and Craft of Making Jewellery by Joanna Gollberg.

Thanks to my lovely friends and family who either knew me so well to pick out such awesome gifts, or just gave me some money to go shopping - you're the best! *mwah*

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  1. what a fabulous bunch of fabulousness! Happy New Year Emma x


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