Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Quick 4 - Current Felt Favs

A wee look at the items currently in my favourites on Felt.

teardrop earrings - lemon zebra
quote/unquote magnets - voluptuous & rounded quotation punctuation marks - bright yellow fabric
Natural bamboo, wall display earring holder

Friday, 18 February 2011

30 Before 30 - #10 Go to Sepia Restaurant for dinner

Why was such a simple task like going out to dinner with my man on my 30 Before 30 list? Because we kept saying "we should go to Sepia Restaurant for dinner", but just never got around to it. So we got a bit dressed up and went out for dinner. Expectations were high as he'd (I'll call him M for this) been there before and had really enjoyed it, but it was disappointing. Sorry, there's no photos as I didn't want to be all paparazzi like and intrude on our date.


Food - Mains 3/5
I had a tenderloin steak with garlic mash. The steak was pretty average and the mash was yummy, but not garlic. I figure you can judge a lot of restaurants on how good their steak is. M ordered the duck breast, which came on yummy rice, and even though I don't eat duck I had food envy.

Food - Desserts 4/5
The desserts made up for the disappointment for my main. I had white chocolate cake with cotton candy sorbet and strawberry sauce and it was SO good. M had the crème brulée which he seemed to thoroughly enjoy too.

Service/Atmosphere 1/5
Restaurant service means a lot to me... and I don't think I'm overly fussy - I just expect a little attention. When we were finally seated (after standing around for ages), it was right in front of the main door, even though there were small tables elsewhere which would have been much preferable for a couple obviously on a date. Those tables had 'reserved' signs on them, even though nobody turned up in the couple of hours we were there and considering that we left at 9.30pm, I'm sure they weren't really reserved. They were obviously very busy, with a number of huge groups, but I don't think that's an excuse for bad service. We felt forgotten about a few times during the evening and everything took a very long time, including the basics like water for the table. Luckily I had lovely company or it may have been pretty uncomfortable. One of my pet peeves is when there's items like Fish/Pasta of the Day on the menu, but your waiter/waitress doesn't mention what they actually are. There was also a special menu just for that day that they didn't mention. I don't think you should have to ask about these things, right? M had talked the place up and even though it's a hotel restaurant I had expected awesome service in a somewhat fancy setting. Sorry, that turned into a rant.. let me get on with it...

Company 5/5
No comment needed really. M, you're a great date.

It was a nice evening, but mainly because of my company and the dessert. The service was a huge let down and I probably wouldn't go back because of it. They also lose points because their online menu isn't up to date.

Next week I'm giving blood, not looking forward to that one so much.

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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Felt like new!

Monday saw the launch of the new and improved Felt site. Felt is close to my heart and the small team have been busy working on the update for ages. Their hard work shows in the new site - it's fresh, stylish and easier to use.

Last night I updated my shop with some new necklaces and brooches, and I'm now selling Scrabble tile rings. I now also offer international shipping on all my items and combined shipping, meaning that you only pay for postage for the first item you buy, all other items in the order ship for free. Finding lovely items on Felt is now effortless, with improved search functions and shops split into categories, and telling everyone about what you've found is easy with the new Facebook and Twitter buttons.

Basically, it's awesome and you should check it out.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Sooooounds good to me!

Over Christmas I finally got around to framing these two pieces of Doily Art I bought in November 2009 (!), from Melbourne based artist Sooooound. I love the mixture of illustration, colour and mixed media on an unconventional (and sweet) base. By the way, if you ever need decent quality, stylish frames, made here in New Zealand, I would totally suggest contacting Auckland company Factory Frames.

Monday, 7 February 2011

30 Before 30 - #4 Read Craft Inc.

This was another quick, simple and enjoyable task to tick off my 30 Before 30 list.

Craft Inc. - Turn Your Creative Hobby Into a Business by Meg Mateo Ilasco will teach you how to take the next steps to make money from your hobby.

I thought I'd learn more from this book than I actually did... I guess if I'd read it three years ago I would have found it really helpful, but because I've already been in business for a while, most of it seemed like common sense to me. In saying that, it was good to re-think things like my business plan, and reading the interviews with other artists was certainly inspiring.

Things I did learn:
  • Fabric patterns are covered under copyright laws, meaning that some fabrics are only made for non-commercial use.
  • This book recommends the below formula for pricing, which I really don't follow, maybe I should...
    Wholesale = (Cost of materials) + (Cost of labour) x 150%
    Retail = Wholesale price x 100% Markup
  • I'm hoping America has a lot more laws and rules than New Zealand, because it talks about things I've never heard of...
  • The most important message from this book came right at the end. "Truly there is no universal algorithm to make your creative dream continuously successful. Every creative business will ride through highs, lows and various stages of profitability and creativity". "For small businesses, every experience holds a lesson. Through it all, remember that only you can define what success is for your business."
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