Monday, 7 February 2011

30 Before 30 - #4 Read Craft Inc.

This was another quick, simple and enjoyable task to tick off my 30 Before 30 list.

Craft Inc. - Turn Your Creative Hobby Into a Business by Meg Mateo Ilasco will teach you how to take the next steps to make money from your hobby.

I thought I'd learn more from this book than I actually did... I guess if I'd read it three years ago I would have found it really helpful, but because I've already been in business for a while, most of it seemed like common sense to me. In saying that, it was good to re-think things like my business plan, and reading the interviews with other artists was certainly inspiring.

Things I did learn:
  • Fabric patterns are covered under copyright laws, meaning that some fabrics are only made for non-commercial use.
  • This book recommends the below formula for pricing, which I really don't follow, maybe I should...
    Wholesale = (Cost of materials) + (Cost of labour) x 150%
    Retail = Wholesale price x 100% Markup
  • I'm hoping America has a lot more laws and rules than New Zealand, because it talks about things I've never heard of...
  • The most important message from this book came right at the end. "Truly there is no universal algorithm to make your creative dream continuously successful. Every creative business will ride through highs, lows and various stages of profitability and creativity". "For small businesses, every experience holds a lesson. Through it all, remember that only you can define what success is for your business."
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  1. yeah agreed I read this over Christmas but I have been freelancing on and off for 8 year so I already was aware of a lot of the lessons, but hey it's a good read and the interviews are inspiring:)

  2. I'm just about to buy this and give it a read so thanks for the review :-)
    I figure even if you know half of it. its ok to get some reassurance too.

    I like that last paragraph you've quoted. That makes a lot of sense and is refreshing to hear it be said!

    Yay for your 30 before 30 too!

  3. i love reading people's different types of 'to do' lists! I read craft inc last year and really enjoyed it :)

  4. Interesting! There are so many books and guides and opinions out there on this subject - great to hear your take on this particular one :)

  5. I agree with you in that it was very interesting but I didn't learn as much as I thought - definitely a helpful book though


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