Monday, 28 March 2011

Shop Update + Free Brooch

I've just finished updating my Felt shop with some new magnets, necklaces, brooches and a few pairs of earrings. The next five customers who make a purchase will receive one of the above brooches for free! They're one of a kind and the only five of that style I've made. Your brooch will be selected at random for a nice surprise in your parcel.

Time is flying by these days and it's been ages since I've done a blog post. Sorry about that, hopefully I'll have more time for the internet soon.

Have a nice week and be quick if you want a free brooch!

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  1. Hey Emma,
    Sorry it's been ages since I've stopped by! Hope you're well and doing ok down in beautiful Christchurch... have been thinking of everyone down there! Gorgeous brooches (as always!) :)


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