Tuesday, 14 June 2011

30 Before 30 - #9 Watch the Sunrise

I actually completed this nice 30 Before 30 task a few months ago when I was on holiday cruising around the Mediterranean. I got up early to watch the 6am sunrise over Western Italy (between Rome and Civitavecchia) on our second to last day at sea. It was lovely and peaceful, only a few other people up and about the cruise ship, and awesome to be able to complete this task in such an amazing place!

Eeek, only 5 tasks down, that means 25 to go and only 558 days to complete them (although a few are things which are in progress). The weeks are flying by, so I'd better get to it!

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Oh yeah, feeling a little deflated after yesterday's quakes, but hopefully that feeling will be gone soon. Thanks for the tweets and messages making sure all was okay (again).


  1. well that's the way to tick a task off a list! How beautifu. Glad to hear you are ok x


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