Saturday, 28 January 2012

It runs in the family

This creative thing, it must be genetic eh? How many crafters/designers/artists do you know who are the only creative one in their family? Not many I bet. And so, here's where I introduce my family members...

My Mum is a contemporary glass artist. She is so very clever and such an inspiration to me. She only studied Glass Design and Production in her early fifties and her work is beautiful. I had a wee go at making a paperweight and a bowl a few years back, it's hot, heavy and hard work. You can see a bit more of her work here and here.

And in a completely different way, my brother is just as talented. He completed a Diploma in 3D Animation a few years back and this video was his end of year project, pretty darn cool eh?! He also wrote, performed, recorded and mixed the music. He must have received all the musical genes from our parents - I definitely didn't!

Of course I can't leave out my wonderful Dad. He is very clever too, but not in a way that I can show you. In a somewhat 'typical New Zealand Dad' kinda way, he can just do everything - from building, to fixing anything without any prior knowledge of what he's doing.

Love ya all, thanks for the good genes!

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