Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Things you probably didn't know about me

Here's a few wee things you probably didn't know about me...
  • I was a very accident prone kid. During my fifth birthday party I put my foot through my brother's bike wheel (I was on the back), and had to be taken to hospital. My leg healed quite fast but I had to start school with a bandage around my head because my Dad threw a boomerang, which instead of returning nicely, thwacked straight into my forehead (not on purpose of course!). Of course it was while we were camping, in a beautiful spot over an hour away from any civilisation. When my parents were rushing me to the nearest doctor they got pulled over, but luckily the cop was nice enough to let them off a speeding ticket and escort them to the doctor in Lumsden. Weirdly though, I've never broken any bones.
  • I have a 'thing' about toilet paper. It has to be over the top of the roll. It just seems so wrong when it's not...
  • I got an 'A' Bursary. The only subject I got a 'C' in was Design. I'm now a Graphic Designer.
  • I was born with Craniosynostosis and had an operation when I was about six months old to fix it. I now have a kick-ass scar from ear-to-ear across the top of my head.
  • I drink Be Sleepy Tea to help me sleep.
  • I am currently addicted to playing Zuma's Revenge. Please don't play it unless you want to waste hours of your life. 
  • I was born just outside of Wellington, and lived in Nelson before moving to Dunedin. I spent all my school years in Dunedin and moved up to Christchurch to study at The Design and Arts College.
  • When I was younger my Mum started a business selling pressed flower pictures (in glass). She named her business after me - Emma K Pressed Flowers. There will be more on Mum later...
  • I am so incredibly terrified of three things - dentists, growing old and heights.
  • I love playing board/card games. Dominion is really good - if you haven't played it you should.
  • I can rarely remember if I've seen a movie before, or what happens in it even if I have. Most of the time this is a great thing - I can watch movies over and over without getting bored. I also have a habit of falling asleep while watching movies. 
  • I have 25 Scrabble boxes stacked in my room right now.

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