Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Just for giggles

Happy hump day everyone! We're now on the downhill to the long weekend (if you're in NZ), hooray!

I just thought I'd share some internet things that never fail to make me laugh. They're all pretty popular sites, but I'm always surprised at how many people have never heard of them.

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Ahhhh, the funniest ones are normally dirty, but Damn You Auto Correct has to be my favourite site for having a laugh. I've spent hours going through the pages of awesome text messages, and it even sometimes makes me a little glad that I don't own an iPhone. 

Once you're done there, head over to Sleep Talkin' Man. That guy (Adam) must have an awesome imagination. I especially love this one: "Stop throwing dinosaurs everywhere! It's gonna take me forever to get the pterodactyls down from the wardrobe. Oh, you messy little velociraptors."

If you're a graphic designer, you may enjoy Clients From Hell and You Know You're a Designer When

And if you're a crafter you've probably heard of Regretsy, which takes the piss (and rightfully so) out of amusing items on Etsy. is good for a few chuckles, and then there's a few of my favourite YouTube channels - Kids React in which they show kids viral videos and record their honest reactions and Improv Everywhere is also pretty entertaining.


  1. You have a long weekend? Lucky you! Those internet things made me smile
    : )

  2. Yip, it's Waitangi Day on Monday here in NZ! Nice that it falls on a Monday - last year it was on a weekend, so all us Monday -Friday workers missed out.
    Glad to make you smile. :)

  3. I love 'Damn You Auto Correct'. Find myself laughing at the dumbest thing for like 10mins. The best pick me up!


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