Friday, 23 March 2012

On my walls

I've been slowly collecting up prints from my favourite artists and now that the earthquakes seem to have settled down (fingers crossed) and I have a lovely cottage to live in, I finally got around to putting them up at home.
  • Paint swatch punch garland inspired by this
Doesn't art on the walls make a house feel so much more like a home?

Monday, 19 March 2012

30 Before 30 - #3 Swim with Dolphins

When I was a teenager I went "swimming with dolphins" in Whitianga. Now, I put that in quote marks because not only did we not get to swim with dolphins, we didn't even see any, and as a dolphin-loving youngster I was very unimpressed. So, I've been looking forward to another opportunity since then. The weekend before last we headed over to Akaroa, on a day that was a bit average, booked in for the 2pm sailing and hoping that weather would improve. However, 1.30pm rolled around and the staff informed us of at least 1-2m swells... so we decided to postpone the swim til last weekend.

I am so glad we did, because the weather on Saturday was absolutely amazing! We saw dolphins and swam with them, and it was an amazing experience. In Akaroa they're Hector's Dolphins - one of the rarest dolphins in the world, which are only found in New Zealand waters. They're also one of the smallest dolphins in the world - at only about 1.4m long, so they're not threatening at all and love to play - jumping and swirling around everyone in our group. The Black Cat team were also great - very friendly, helpful and informative.

After a hot shower and a quick look around town, we went to Ma Maison for a delicious French meal before heading back to Christchurch.

It was such a lovely, relaxing and fun day in a beautiful wee town. A big thanks to my man for coming along (two weekends in a row), Black Cat Cruises and especially the dolphins for wanting to play.

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