Monday, 16 April 2012

A treat from France

I'm meant to be saving for our three week mid-winter getaway to somewhere lovely and warm (more on that later), but sometimes I see something I love too much to miss out on it. That's the only problem with handmade goods - they're not mass produced, so if you wait around, you'll miss out. So naughty when I'm not meant to be spending, but spending money is way too easy (and fun), especially with Paypal - it feels like play money instead of real money, tee he he.

And what tempted me.... the super sweet hand-drawn work of LesMiniboux. I bought the Owls in Love brooch on the left, but I also love her geometric work and her range of mugs and towels. After my purchase Julie was super friendly and we now follow each other's blogs and follow each other on Twitter - isn't it so cool how that happens with wee crafty businesses and the internet makes it so easy to connect with people? I must have made a wee impression on her too, because she made this cute Kiwi brooch after we chatted.

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