Thursday, 5 July 2012

See ya later!

Don't holidays always seem to take an eternity to arrive? With three of my closest friends, we've been planning this trip for months, and we're finally outta here on Saturday...

Over 23 days we're going to 3 countries (Singapore, Malaysia and Macau/China), taking 9 flights (with 3 different airlines), staying in 7 different hotels, and enjoying 30° heat everywhere we go. We've got some really fun things planned (including going to a craft market in Singapore), so we'll be home late in July with some stories to tell and tonnes of photos to share.

I've closed my Felt shop, and will re-open it on July 30th. I'm not sure if I'll have much internet access overseas, so I may be completely uncontactable while I'm away, sorry about that.

Have a great few weeks everyone!