Sunday, 5 August 2012

Home again

We've been home from Asia for a week now. It was the most wonderful trip - we visited a really good mix of places (beaches, mountains, jungle and huge cities) and had the perfect amount of time in each place. It was warm everywhere (a little too hot in some places - 38°c in China!), didn't rain much and we didn't have many travel problems or delays.

My Felt and Discover Me shops are back online and I'm already getting ready for my next market.

Here's a few photos of the highlights of our holiday:

1. Dusky Leaf Monkey on our balcony at Burau Bay
2. The view of the resort from the top of the World's steepest cable car
3. Cocktails on the beach, yes please!
4. A pretty lantern where we had dinner one evening
5. On top of Lasah, the Asiatic Elephant
6. Fish spa time! The weirdest feeling ever...

1. Kai Kai or Xin Xin at the Macau Giant Panda Pavilion
2. The House of Dancing Water show (another blog post to follow)
3. Amazingly intricate carved wood on display in one of the casinos
4. Macau - the city of 24hr lights

1. We drank so much tea in China
2. Bugs for dinner? No thanks, but the food we did eat was delicious!
3. Detail on one of the temples we visited.
4. Scooping up rice at the end of the day - they dry it on the sides of the roads

1. Our jungle cabana
2. So many big bugs and critters to be found!
3. Taman Negara National Park
4. Night time scorpion hunt success!
5. The most terrifying part of the holiday... the canopy walkway
6. Cute baby boars that wandered through the resort

1. I-City trees - made of tonnes of LED lights
2. Flowers too
3. A cool brooch made by Foon of Things Eye Made, who showed us around KL
4. What I spent most of my time in KL doing - being sick and reading
The Happiness Project
(it's good, you should read it too)

1. Singapore Zoo - cute wee lizard checking out the Giant Tortoises
2. Pygmy hippo at the zoo
3. Maad craft fair (another blog post to follow)
4. Delicious pastries from Bread Society
5. Tuppaware installation at The Red Dot Design Museum


  1. What amazing photos! So many beautiful creatures and places.

    1. Thanks Christie! It was an awesome trip. :D

  2. Wow fabulous photos Emma! What a great trip you have had


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