Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A handmade Christmas

To me, Christmas really isn't about the gifts - it's more about getting together with my spread out family (and having time off work, ha ha). However, I really enjoy giving gifts - searching out the perfect item, wrapping it all pretty and then seeing the joy when they rip it open. Every year I try to make a huge effort to buy handmade gifts for my friends and family - why support an overseas company when you can keep the money in our economy and help put food on the table for a local designer or artisan? And of course, the handmade gift will be more special, better quality and unique.

Felt has made this year's shopping a breeze, with their specially curated Christmas Gift Guide. With categories such as Postable Pressies, Fabulous Stocking Fillers and Gifts For Guys you'll be able to quickly and easily find something special for your man, parents, kids, friends and maybe even that great uncle who you haven't seen in years.

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