Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Freedom's Felt Favs

After a rather crappy week at work ('proposed' redundancy right before Christmas, sounds fun huh?), there's nothing that makes me happier than browsing the listings on Felt. I love finding talented new designers and artists and seeing what New Zealand's talented folk have to offer. Here's a few of my favourite recent finds:

'Allium' Bloomers Collection Limited Edition Print by Crafty Love Studio Ltd
Large Flying Birds Pattern Yellow Notebook by The Paperbird Society
Gold Donkey Wooden Hanging Jewellery Rack by Ariele Art

The Little Tree - Children's Book by Faery Sarah
Big Bunny's Rocket (Salad Greens) - Seeds by Big Bunny
Ze Panda Hand-Printed T-Shirt by Zenipa

Keith Cool Sweater by Rabbit
Felt Ball Garland by KM2 Creative
Thank You x 1,000,000 Card by Papermint Studio


  1. Love that purple flower print! Very pretty. :)

  2. Wishing that sweatshirt came in a big girl size!


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