Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Supporting local talent - Rust+Stardust

It's not often I come across a pair of creative people that are doing things that are amazing and wonderful and I want to support them with everything I've got.... But Rust & Stardust... wow.
"As indie designers, maintaining authenticity and producing high-quality work with constant, tough production restrictions - location, volume, budget and even ethics - is an ongoing struggle. Outsourcing, especially overseas, requires too many compromises. We don't want to compromise anymore; we want to do everything, and do it in an awesome way.
Our mission at Rust & Stardust is ambitious but simple: we want to champion skilled craftsmanship, use fresh materials, create great designs and high end products, and have a hand in every step of the process. We are all about staying fiercely independent, self-sufficient, and being DIY in the most sophisticated sense of the term."

As they say, in order to make large-scale (awesome) products, they need a large-scale setup. They need funds, and you can get some neat things by supporting them. Check out their PledgeMe campaign so I can get the cushion I really want, or check out their blog with more information on the rewards. Be quick though - they need to reach their goal by 8pm on Monday!

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  1. Always nice to find another set of talent. Also been meaning to email you I got one of your amazing necklaces in the goodie bag at the craft love festival. I have already worn in twice and I just love it - I will of course make sure everyone knows where to get one of their own :o) x


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